Our clinic facilities include:

-Anaesthetic monitor
-Doppler blood pressure monitor
-Isoflurane/Nitrous Anaesthesia
-X-ray machine

We work from a well-stocked laboratory and keep a sterile operating theatre for all surgery.

Our dedicated vets work around the clock to keep your pets at their optimum level of health.


X-rays are commonly used to assess lameness and painful joints, heart and lung disorders, vomiting and digestive problems and urinary issues. They are normally performed with a light a sedative and can usually be carried out within a day allowing you to take you pet home once the procedure is over.

Quarry has a digital x-ray which can be used for hip scoring, chest x-rays to confirm lung problems and for diagnostically for fractures and to locate foreign bodies.


With ultrasound Our vets and nurses use technology to check for pregnancy or on occasions for the serious and life-threatening womb infection pyometra which must be treated quickly. For this reason fast diagnosis is vital.

Ultrasound is painless and non-invasive and uses sound waves to make a computer image to check that organs are working normally. If an abnormality is found the ultrasound machine can be used for guidance when taking a biopsy for testing.