X-ray & Ultrasound

Our clinic facilities include:

-Sterile operating facilities
-Digital X-ray
-Modern ultrasound equipment
-Dental suite
-Anaesthetic monitoring
-Doppler blood pressure monitor
-Isoflurane/Nitrous Anaesthesia
-in-house laboratory

Our dedicated vets work around the clock to keep your pets at their optimum level of health.


X-rays are commonly used to assess lameness and joint pain, heart and lung disorders, vomiting and digestive problems and urinary issues. They are normally performed under general anaesthetic as the patient needs to be completely still. X-rays can usually be carried out within a day allowing you to take you pet home again that evening.

At Quarry we use digital x-ray processing which gives immediate, high quality, images.



Ultrasound is painless, non-invasive and uses sound waves to make a real-time, dynamic computer image of the internal organs of a patient. It has the advantage of not requiring an anaesthetic, although some animals may benefit from a light sedative to avoid stress.

Ultrasound is frequently used for diagnosing pregnancy, investigating problems with internal organs including the liver,kidneys, gut and urinary tract, and for investigating heart complaints. Some simple ultrasound examinations can be done while you wait. More detailed investigations normally involve your pet staying with us for a few hours.