Patient Care (Inpatient / Overnight)

Caring for your pets at Quarry Vets

As a practice at the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, Quarry is proud to have invested in technology befitting a modern veterinary practice. This allows us to offer the highest level of care to our patients.

Facilities include a fully equipped laboratory, dedicated state-of-the art operating theatre and a specialist Digital X-ray machine, which aids fast diagnosis of conditions.

Also for rapid results, we use ultrasound procedures and have electrocardiograph (ECG) facilities to check your pet’s heart is working properly.

In house blood testing can be used before anaesthesia, along with other tests, to check your pet is fit for the procedure. We use the latest in anaesthetics, tailored to individual animals and your pet will be fully monitored throughout.

Most routine operations are done on a day-patient basis. We don’t generally have staff on the premises after-hours but, should your pet need to stay overnight for any reason, it will be monitored as required; some vets do stay during the night when on duty.

Before leaving your animal, we will ask you to sign a consent form. You must be over 18 to sign this form and we cannot carry out anaesthetics or procedures without it.

Quarry vets is one of the only practices in the Shrewsbury area to provide its own out of hours cover. This means you and your pet can see a familiar face 24/7 without the need to travel miles to a different practice.

Outside normal surgery hours, your call will be answered by a recorded message, after which you will be put through to the duty vet if required.