We recommend worming your pet every three months. Use Drontal or Milbemax to control both roundworms and tapeworms, administered in a single dose down the throat.

If your pet’s worms are left untreated, the symptoms might include vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, anaemia and, in serious cases, will result in death. There are also human health risks as some species can be passed on to humans.

Don’t delay – ask us about worming methods today. If you have any difficulty, our nurses will be happy to worm your cat or dog for you.


Fleas are extremely unpleasant and will cause your pet frustration, restlessness and distress if left unchecked. The bites will itch and inflammation can lead to serious skin problems.

Fleas can also transmit tapeworm, which often escalates into a major health issue. Besides this, fleas can be a major annoyance to the pet owner and their family as animal fleas do bite humans as well.

There are a great many flea treatments and prevention products available, but we think the most effective current ones are Bravecto tablets, Stronghold spot on and R.I.P household spray.

Bravecto – 3 month protection from fleas and ticks.
Stronghold – 1 month’s protection against fleas mites and roundworm.
R.I.P – for the treatment and prevention of household flea infestations (not for use on animals).