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vaccinations and health checks

Regular vaccination is the most effective way of preventing some of the most serious diseases in pets. Dogs,cats and rabbits should be vaccinated when young, with boosters at the required intervals (usually annually).

At the time of vaccination a thorough health examination is undertaken.this is also an ideal time to review worm and flea control status.

repeat prescriptions

All repeat prescriptions must be authorised and dispensed by a veterinary surgeon .To save you any delay, please give 24 hours notice when ordering repeat prescriptions.

A veterinary re-examination is also required every 3 months for animals on long term medication.



operations & general anaesthetic

Most routine operations are done on a day-patient basis.

During the admission you will be asked about your pets medical history and general health. Based on this information we may wish to perform blood tests or other investigations prior to administering an anaesthetic.

All anaesthetics carry a certain risk,we do our best to reduce it and tailor each anaesthetic to the individual animal.

Before leaving your animal we will ask you to sign a consent form acknowledging this risk.You must be over 18 to sign this form and we cannot carry out anaesthetic without it.



nurse clinics

Dental checks

Weight checks

Puppy and Kitten talks

Senior pets clinic

General pet care


Have a microchip fitted to your pet and with one quick scan any vet in the UK can discover its unique number.Allowing access to a database giving your name, address,telephone number,pets name and your pets special needs.


pet insurance

It is strongly recommended that you consider the benefits of pet health insurance so that we can provide the best and most modern treatments available without the limitations of cost.


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